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dos dibujos de la sección transversal de un vaso sanguíneo "dos dibujos de la sección transversal de un vaso sanguíneo", by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Ilustración de dos dibujos de la sección transversal de un vaso sanguíneo. El primer dibujo muestra el corte transversal de un vaso sanguíneo sano. Se etiqueta: corte transversal de un vaso sanguíneo sano. El segundo...

Veterinary prescription antibiotics are extensively used in many countries worldwide to deal with disease and safeguard the health and wellness of animals. Provided that land application of animal waste as a supplement to fertilizer is frequently a common practice in many countries, there is a growing international problem about the prospective impact of antibiotic deposits on the environment. Frequent use of anti-biotics has also raised problems about increased antibiotic resistance of microbes. Identifying the importance and the growing dispute, the concern of antibiotic resistance because of the regular use of prescription antibiotics in food-producing animals is also briefly covered.

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