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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
medpix case - varicocele embolization "medpix case - varicocele embolization", by Original Source: Carol T McLaughlin; Author: Carol T McLaughlin (Madigan Army Medical Center); Approved By: Joseph A Ronsivalle (Madigan Army Medical Center);. Coils within the left gonadal vein. Collateral veins can still be visualized....

A varicocele is an augmentation of the blood vessels within the loosened bag of skin that holds the testicles. A varicocele happens when blood pools in the blood vessels instead of flowing effectively out of the scrotum. A varicocele may cause poor development of a testicle, low sperm production or other troubles that may lead to infertility. Yearly health gos to for boys are essential for monitoring the growth and wellness of testicles. If you experience any one of these, see your health and wellness treatment provider to get a prompt and exact medical diagnosis.

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