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inter-vendor reproducibility of pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling at 3 tesla. "inter-vendor reproducibility of pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling at 3 tesla.", by Mutsaerts HJ, Steketee RM, Heijtel DF, Kuijer JP, van Osch MJ, Majoie CB, Smits M, Nederveen AJ. pone-0104108-g004: Mean cerebral blood flow (CBF) maps of all subjects (n = 22) are shown for GE (a) and Philips (b), averaged for both sessions.Voxel-wise significant inter-vendor differences are visualized by a binary parametric map...

If you are a vendor working with the City of Newport News and have a concern about repayment, please call the Accounts Payable Technician that handles your vendor letter group. Payment Options In order to offer you more efficiently, the Accounts Payable Department of the City of Newport News is supplying Electronic Funds Transfer or Credit Card Payment instead of paper checks. USA Department of the Treasury Requirement Applicant must provide the City of Newport News with a copy of an IRS Form "W-9".

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