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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
risk factors of new compression fractures in adjacent vertebrae after percutaneous vertebroplasty. "risk factors of new compression fractures in adjacent vertebrae after percutaneous vertebroplasty.", by Kim MH, Lee AS, Min SH, Yoon SH. F5: An 88-year-old female presented with back pain. (A) A preexisting fracture was observed in T6 and T11 (arrow) and an acute fracture in L3 spine (arrowhead). (B) L3 vertebroplasty was performed. (C) Only 5...

Vertebroplasty is commonly an outpatient treatment used to deal with agonizing compression cracks in the back. In a compression crack, all or part of a spine bone breaks down. You will likely also receive medication to assist you relax and feel sleepy. The healthcare provider cleans up the area of your back and uses medication to numb the area. A needle is placed via the skin and into the spinal column bone. Real-time x-ray pictures are used to guide the physician to the correct area in your lower back. Cement is after that injected into the damaged back bone to make certain it does not collapse again. A common root cause of compression cracks of the spine is thinning of your bones, or osteoporosis. Your provider might advise this treatment if you have severe and disabling pain for 2 months or more that does not improve with bed rest, pain medications, and physical therapy.

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