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Born( 1900-06-05 ) 5 June 1900 Hohenelbe, Kablikstrasse 119 , Austria-Hungary (now, Vrchlabi , Czech Republic )
Died14 December 1981 (1981-12-14) (aged 81) Toronto , Ontario , Canada
NationalityAustrian, at birth; then, Dutch; later, Canadian
Other namesMr Kraler
OccupationWorker at Opekta
Spouse(s)Laura Buntenbach (died 1952) Lucie van Langen (m. 1955)

Victor Kugler was born in June 1900 in Hohenelbe, Austria-Hungary Victor was in the Austrian Marines however left after being wounded. In 1941, Victor helped Otto to maintain his business out of Nazi hands. In the spring of 1942, Otto asked Victor to aid the Frank and Van Pels households should they need to go into concealing in the annex-an empty part of business facilities. Victor really felt that the Secret Annex was too 'visible' and created the suggestion of putting a revolving cabinet before the door to the hiding area.

Aside from that, Victor and Johannes Kleiman generally focused on keeping the firms Opekta and Gies & Co running. After the battle, Otto Frank wrote: The obligation Mr Kugler had tackled, evaluated extremely heavy on him and he lived under constant pressure, specifically since his spouse did not know about us and he might not speak about his interest in her. ' The first person I saw was Mrs Frank.

When the Germans attacked Holland in May 1940, new regulations were passed avoiding Jews from possessing businesses. Otto turned over his firm to non-Jewish workers to stop it being seized and Victor became one of the directors. Victor assisted obtain distribution coupons on the black market and his accountancy on seasoning orders implied that the annex had cash for materials. On August 4 1944, the security authorities robbed the offices of Pectacon, apprehending Victor and fellow director Johannes Kleiman, together with the annex occupants. They were required to Gestapo Headquarters where Victor and Johannes were moved to Amersfoort concentration camp and then on Zwolle work camp. He went back to run business in Amsterdam, but times were challenging and in 1955, Victor and his spouse emigrated to Canada. He remained in touch with Otto and got honors for his assistance concealing the Frank and Van Pels households.

Put behind bars by the Nazis, Mr. Kugler 'had the nerve to resist the Nazis,' Mr. Wittenberg claimed.

Mr. Wittenberg said Mr. Kugler, who preserved close contact with Mr. Frank, spent 8 months in Nazi jails for sheltering the Franks and the various other refugees, and left a jail camp in the Netherlands in the confusion triggered by a British bombing raid in 1945.

Mr. Kugler was born in Austria. Otto Frank and his family, who were additionally from Austria, left that country in 1933 to run away Nazi persecution and worked out in Amsterdam, where Mr. Frank and Mr. Kugler came to be pals. When the Germans inhabited the Netherlands, Mr. Kugler had the covert apartment set up in his structure at 263 Prinsengracht Street in expectancy of a tightening of Nazi oppression.

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