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nanoscale switch for vortex polarization mediated by bloch core formation in magnetic hybrid systems. "nanoscale switch for vortex polarization mediated by bloch core formation in magnetic hybrid systems.", by Wohlhüter P, Bryan MT, Warnicke P, Gliga S, Stevenson SE, Heldt G, Saharan L, Suszka AK, Moutafis C, Chopdekar RV, Raabe J, Thomson T, Hrkac G, Heyderman LJ. f5: Modelled Bloch core reversal.(a–f) Magnetization dynamics in the Py and Co/Pd layers, respectively, 10 nm above (a–c) and 9.6 nm below the interface (d–f), during vortex core reversal. The green line indicates the centre...

The adhering to 5 publications are selected instances of applications that used Vortex. Licht D. S. , Bison conservation in Northern Great Plains nationwide parks: no need to panic. , Great Plains Research, 01-28-2017 Licht D. S. , Modeling practicality of a potential Canada lynx reintroduction to Isle Royale National Park. , Natural Areas Journal, 01-30-2017 Pacioni, C. , Williams, M. , Lacy, R. C. , Spencer, P. B. S. Eggert. , Simulation model for contraceptive management of the Assateague Island feral horse population utilizing individual-based data, Wildlife Research, 10-30-2008 Propose changes to this simulator.

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