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Vulvar Cancer

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
vulvar cancer: epidemiology, clinical presentation, and management options. "vulvar cancer: epidemiology, clinical presentation, and management options.", by Alkatout I, Schubert M, Garbrecht N, Weigel MT, Jonat W, Mundhenke C, Günther V. f2-ijwh-7-305: Keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva (Hematoxylin and eosin stain, ×5)....

Vulvar cancer is a rare type of cancer. New cases are additionally described as case cases in other publications. Rates of new cases are also referred to as incidence rates. Rate of New Cases and Deaths per 100,000: The rate of new cases of vulvar cancer was 2. 5 per 100,000 women per year. Lifetime Risk of Developing Cancer: Approximately 0. 3 percent of women will be identified with vulvar cancer eventually during their lifetime, based on 2017-2019 information. Relative survival is an estimate of the percentage of patients that would be expected to endure the results of their cancer. Due to the fact that survival stats are based on large groups of people, they can not be used to anticipate precisely what will take place to a specific patient. No two patients are completely alike, and therapy and responses to treatment can vary significantly. Cancer phase at medical diagnosis, which refers to degree of a cancer in the body, determines therapy options and has a strong impact on the length of survival. Generally, if the cancer is found only in the part of the body where it began it is local. The earlier vulvar cancer is caught, the better chance an individual has of making it through five years after being identified. The 5-year relative survival for local vulvar cancer is 86. 2%. Contrasted to other cancers, vulvar cancer is rare. Vulvar cancer represents 0. 3% of all new cancer cases in the U.S. In 2022, it is approximated that there will be 6,330 new cases of vulvar cancer and an approximated 1,560 people will die of this disease.

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Percent of Cases & 5-Year Relative Survival by Stage at Diagnosis: Vulvar Cancer

(Table source)
StagePercent of Cases5-Year Relative Survival
Localized Confined to Primary Site60%86.2%
Regional Spread to Regional Lymph Nodes27%48.4%
Distant Cancer Has Metastasized6%22.9%
Unknown Unstaged6%62.8%

How Common Is This Cancer?

(Table source)
RankCommon Types of CancerEstimated New Cases 2022Estimated Deaths 2022
1.Breast Cancer (Female)287,85043,250
2.Prostate Cancer268,49034,500
3.Lung and Bronchus Cancer236,740130,180
4.Colorectal Cancer151,03052,580
5.Melanoma of the Skin99,7807,650
6.Bladder Cancer81,18017,100
7.Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma80,47020,250
8.Kidney and Renal Pelvis Cancer79,00013,920
9.Uterine Cancer65,95012,550
10.Pancreatic Cancer62,21049,830
28.Vulvar Cancer6,3301,560

Rate of New Cases per 100,000 Persons by Race/Ethnicity: Vulvar Cancer Females

(Table source)
All Races2.5
Non-Hispanic White3.0
Non-Hispanic Black1.8
Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander0.9
Non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native2.0

Percent of New Cases by Age Group: Vulvar Cancer

(Table source)
Age RangePercent of New Cases

Death Rate per 100,000 Persons by Race/Ethnicity: Vulvar Cancer Females

(Table source)
All Races0.6
Non-Hispanic White0.7
Non-Hispanic Black0.3
Non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander0.2
Non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native0.3

Percent of Deaths by Age Group: Vulvar Cancer

(Table source)
Age RangePercent of Deaths
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