Waste Prevention

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Last Updated: 10 May 2022

Every person develops lost food, but it is just as easy to not produce it. The Industries that create our apparel, cars and trucks, medicines, paper, food, fuels, steel, plastics, and electrical components use and discard countless chemicals yearly. At home we may use yard chemicals, solvents, anti-bacterials, cleansers, and auto items to Improve our quality of life. A chemical that provides a danger or unreasonable risk to people or the environment Is a dangerous material. When a dangerous material can no longer be used, It becomes a contaminated materials. Contaminateds materials come from a selection of sources, from both previous and present tasks. Influences to human health and wellness and the environment can result from Improper handling and disposal of harmful waste. Digital Object Identifier: 10. 3133/ 70047734; Source: USGS Publications Warehouse.

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