Water Quality Division

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022

The Water Quality Program belongs to the Aquatic Systems Branch of the Water Resources Division. The Vital Signs water quality keeping track of program, supported by the Natural Resources Challenge, is designed to support and track achievement of NPS and Department of the Interior strategic goals to secure pristine water quality and improve damaged water quality by supporting the Clean Water Act defenses and arrangements for assigned unimpaired and impaired waters. Consequently, water quality monitoring might highlight the assistance of protected uses through water quality standards as created by the states, or highlight the characterization and resolution of trends in water quality problems due to impacts like climate change and urbanization. As of 2012 about 110 parks contended least one waterbody that did not meet several water quality criteria. The goal of the partnership program is to develop information on park water quality to allow NPS to address its most vital water quality management obligations. The emphasis for the Vital Signs water quality program will be to carry out the network strategies and make sure that all water tracking methods and basic operating procedures are complete and accepted via last peer evaluation. The NPS is checking out methods to increase the collaboration idea with both USGS and EPA to resolve other water resource needs in parks. As a follow-up to the Western Air Contaminants Assessment Program, NPS has started water column sampling for Contaminants of Emerging Concern Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products and Waste Water Indicators in a number of southwestern parks with EPA analytical assistance.

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