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Weird Al Yankovic Lyrics Songs And Albums

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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Oct. 23 is 60 birthday of Alfred Matthew Yankovic, better known as singer, songwriter, musician, satirist, comedian, producer and director Weird Al. Yankovic looks great for age, yet IT seems like 60 is too young, as he has been consistently recording music since 1979. During that time, Yankovic released 14 studio albums, two almost 50 singles and another 50 music videos to match. Some of his tunes are originals, but Prince of Parodies is obviously best known for other artists. Even when just considering latter group of songs, picking greatest is no easy task, but were just oddballs to tackle IT. Here are Best Weird Al Yankovic parody songs. Somewhat appropriate Give artist, Weird Al Yankovics first single, My Bologna, was Record in men's bathroom, as this was only space available to student disc jockeys at Cal Poly in 1979. Nevertheless, Yankovics ode to Oscar Mayer and parody of Knacks My Sharona was huge hit on Dr. Demento's show. This success, as well as chance encounter with Knacks Doug Fieger, earned Al Recording deal with Capitol Records and would mark beginning of his 40-year career. Another One Rides Bus was Record in actual studio, but that doesnt mean Its high-quality recording. IT features Al cranking Away on his accordion while drummer Jon Bermuda Schwartz, whom Yankovic had randomly met in hallway minutes before recording, bang out Beat on accordions case. Lyrics that turn queen Another One bite Dust into ditty about being trapped on crowded bus were both hilarious and relateable, and 22-year-old Al nearly cracked Hot 100 for first time. Weird Als I Love Lucy-theme song, Ricky, wasnt just his first stint in Hot 100, but IT was also his first music Video. No. 63 songs feature Yankovic as Desi Arnazs Ricky Ricardo's character sans glasses and stache Al does his best Cuban accent while singing from Rickys point of view. However, its legendary voice is actress Tress MacNeille, who steals song and black-And-White Video with her spot-on impersonation of Lucille Ball. To get for his fourth single, I Love Rocky Road, Weird Al didnt need to ask Joan Jett, artist known for I Love Rock n Roll but instead member of Arrows, who originally Record song in 1975. This is notable because IT was Arrows Jake Hooker who introduced Yankovic to famed guitarist and producer Rick Derringer, who End up Als first six albums including his ode to Rocky Road ice cream. Song Nearly Cracked Hot 100, Reaching No. 106. Upon its 1984 release, Eat IT Weird Als biggest hit by far.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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