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It may appear unusual to connect fish with a desert environment, but long back, a large salt lake now referred to as Lake Otero once filled the Tularosa Basin. While there is speculation as to whether other water life lived here all that time back, one point is certain, the only fish to endure the hydrologic and climatic changes over the last 12,000 years is the White Sands pupfish. Found no place else in the globe and detailed as an endangered species by the New Mexico State Game Commission, the White Sands pupfish is really a distinct little fish. There are only 4 populations of White Sands pupfish throughout the Tularosa Basin. Water salinity varies from location to location, varying from fresh water right to being saltier than seawater. In spite of these considerably various ecological conditions, the White Sands pupfish is qualified of not only flourishing in their indigenous environment but rapidly adapting need to they find themselves displaced from one microhabitat to another. Mating season for the White Sands pupfish starts in early April and lasts through the month of October. The typical life expectancy of a White Sands pupfish is two years. As mentioned above, the White Sands pupfish is presently considered an endangered types by the State of New Mexico. Fish & Wildlife Service, White Sands Missile Range, Holloman Air Force Base, and White Sands National Park all authorized a Cooperative Agreement and Conservation Plan in 1994. This plan applied general measures to maintain the present populations of the White Sands pupfish and establish new ones in appropriate locations in order to assist this hard little survivor to proceed to grow.

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