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roadless wilderness area determines forest elephant movements in the congo basin. "roadless wilderness area determines forest elephant movements in the congo basin.", by Blake S, Deem SL, Strindberg S, Maisels F, Momont L, Isia IB, Douglas-Hamilton I, Karesh WB, Kock MD. pone-0003546-g001: Study area, illustrating a, National parks in which collars were deployed and collaring locations. b, Change in roadless wilderness size collar deployment dates to the present. Note that total wilderness at the time of...

In order to guarantee that an enhancing population, come with by expanding settlement and growing mechanization, does not occupy and customize all areas within the United States and its ownerships, leaving no lands designated for conservation and security in their all-natural condition, it is hereby stated to be the plan of the Congress to safeguard for the American people of present and future generations the benefits of a long-lasting resource of wilderness. Consider your dependence on modern technology in your daily life. The National Wilderness Preservation System is a network of over 109 million acres, more area than the state of California, of public land included more than 760 wilderness areas provided for the American people by the federal government. Places where people like you, with an appetite for journey, can locate a feeling of real self-direction and experience solitude. If future generations are to bear in mind us with appreciation instead than contempt, we should leave them a glimpse of the globe as it was in the start, not after we made it through with it. , Proclaimed by President Lyndon B. Johnson on his finalizing of The Wilderness Act, September 3rd, 1964 I rejoice I shall never ever be young without wild nation to be young in. Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac.

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