Workers' Compensation

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Last Updated: 06 May 2022

Employees' compensation systems were developed to provide partial treatment and revenue defense to employees that are harmed or come to be ill from their job. A bulk of companies acquire workers' compensation insurance coverage through exclusive insurance companies or state-certified compensation insurance coverage funds. Cases Information: Workers' compensation claims may be submitted after an employee is wounded or becomes ill as a result of their job. Company Information: Insurers and employers gather data on the types of dangers present in the workplace, safety/ wellness programs and controls in position to avoid injury/ health problem and return-to-work programs to minimize injury/ health problem intensity. Presently, there is no central source for workers' compensation information in the United States, though each state government accumulates some claims details for its exclusive market, state, and local government employers. Standardized information coding systems are used for workers' compensation claims information in many but not all U.S. states. The Workers' Compensation Insurance Organizations and the International Association of Industrial Accident Commissions and boards have established standard information coding systems used in many states.

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