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Last Updated: 25 September 2021

Xcas is an interface to Giac, a free, fundamental Computer Algebra System for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/ Unix. Users can use Giac/Xcas along with a free software compatible with Maple to develop official formulas or utilize it in other software. The system was also chosen by Hewlett-Packard as the CAS for their HP Prime calculator, which uses the Giac/Xcas 1. 12 engine under a dual-license plan. You begin with the first empty command line and enter the mathematical expression you want to evaluate. Pushing Enter runs the command, presents the output in a new pane, and develops a new command line and drops the cursor there, ready for your next command.

Once you enjoy with these setups and click the OKAY button, you will get a new program pane with a layout all set for you. Click the GeoNew number 2d or GeoNew number 3d menu item if you want a general graphics pane. This provides you a graphics pane together with a connected command pane where you can get in the outlining commands you desire drawn.

Xcas will manage Maple and Mu PAD file styles fairly well. Touching on the Help tab at the top of the display brings up the help pages available within Xcas Pad.

One point to remember is that Xcas Pad is like a lot of other symbolic mathematical programs that are utilized in that the commands are run sequentially. Scrolling to the command plot and tapping it will give you a list of simple instances for basic plots to see what the stories can appear like. It gives you a documents and directory listing for the default home directory site on your Android when you click on it. You require to open the session data in a message editor first and make your edits there if you want to make modifications to a file prior to running it.

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