XIA-GIBBS Syndrome

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Xia-Gibbs syndrome is a neurological disorder identified by weak muscular tissue tone, mild to extreme intellectual disability and postponed development. Meaningful language skills are particularly affected; children with this problem usually do not talk their first word, a milestone usually achieved within the first year, until age 2 or later, and some never ever learn to chat. Other signs and symptoms of Xia-Gibbs syndrome vary among affected people. Feeding problems and rest problems can occur in people with the condition, and many affected people experience short stops in breathing while they sleep. In some people with Xia-Gibbs syndrome, imaging tests of the brain show problems in the brain's framework. Xia-Gibbs syndrome can also impact physical growth. Some people with Xia-Gibbs syndrome have unusual facial features, such as a wide forehead, low-set ears or ears that protrude, extensively space eyes, eye openings that slant up or down, a level bridge of the nose, or a slim upper lip. Habits issues can additionally occur in Xia-Gibbs syndrome.

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