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Yernes Y Tameza

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Last Updated: 27 January 2022

The Council of Yernes y Tameza is ideally located in Asturias, just 25 minutes from the city of Oviedo and less than 30 minutes from Asturias airport, as well as some very popular beaches. Yernes y Tameza is a member of the Camino Real de la Mesa. This Grado and Yernes y Tameza have made Asturias' market garden, exporting fresh fruit, vegetables, and diary products throughout the region and elsewhere. The Gastronomy of Yernes y Tameza is a traditional Asturian farewell dish that features delectable vegetables, stews, Asturian reared beef, and fresh fish from the rivers, sea, and delectable desserts. Pan d'escanda, a bread made traditionally from Spelt wheat, is available in several of Grado's surrounding towns. Cities in Spain are also found in other countries around the world. There are cities in Spain where you can also find them in other nations. In Asturias and distance from Yernes y Tameza, one of the Top ten cities in Asturias and distance from Yernes Yerzas. Visa information, visa applications, and visa fees can be obtained. The municipality has an abrupt topography, most notable in the peak Caldoveiru and the Tameza River, which traverse the town from south to north. In the year 857, king Ordono I of Asturias gave part of Yernes to the Cathedral of San Salvador in Oviedo, which was later extended to the entire territory thanks to donations from various nobles. Ferdinand II of Leon, the son of Oviedo's episcopal town in 1174, relinquished his power over the church of Oviedo, which was turned into an episcopal town, as can be seen in the municipal coat of arms. Two chapels dedicated to Santiago and Santa Cristina de Lena, as well as two chapels dedicated to Santiago and Santa Cristina de Lena, are located in the Santa Maria de Tameza and Santa Cruz de Yernes, as well as two cathedrals dedicated to Santa Maria de Yernes and Santa Cruz de Yernes.

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