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York County, Maine

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Last Updated: 23 September 2021

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York County, Maine

CountryUnited States
Named forYork , England
Largest cityBiddeford
Total1,270 sq mi (3,300 km 2 )
Land991 sq mi (2,570 km 2 )
Water279 sq mi (720 km 2 ) 22%%
Population ( 2010 )
Estimate (2019)207,641
Density160/sq mi (60/km 2 )
Time zoneUTC5 ( Eastern )
Summer ( DST )UTC4 ( EDT )
Congressional district1st
Websitewww .yorkcountymaine .gov

York County is a county located in the state of Maine. York County becomes part of the Portland-South Portland, ME Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town of York being the county community of the western area, that part progressively became called York district, or county, the other being called Somerset, or New Somerset. The facility in 1760 of the new county of Cumberland, gave York County its existing entry boundary on that particular side.

In 1805, Oxford County was formed, when York County first presumed its existing limits. The Salmon Falls River develops the western boundary line for about thirty miles, and the Piscataqua continues some ten miles better to the sea.

York County As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total location of 1271 square miles, of which, 991 square miles of it is land and 280 square miles of it is water. The town of Alfred is the County Seat, organizing the county government, courthouse, and the county jail.

In 2010, York County was Maine's second most populous at 15. 5% of the state's total, with a demographics count of 197131, a 5. 6% increase over 2000. 929. 3741. F929m v. 1-2 The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts, with some related households of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Hampton. History of Ogunquit Village: with many fascinating facts of more recent interest. 974. 19. O3. 1 Clayton, W. W. History of York County, Maine. Witch trot land; being a bit about the mommy of Maine, York county, or Yorkshire, or New Somersetshire, from which all Maine regions came. Of her hopes and dreams and heart-breaks, and of the first incorporated English city in America. By a couple of witches 974. 19. 17 York County Register of Deeds. 974. 108. T214t Maine burial ground engravings: York County/ Maine Old Cemetery Association.

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York County, Maine (latest news)

ALFRED-The Maine Monitor filed a legal action earlier this month versus York County, testing its decision to refute a press reporter accessibility to public records about times it might have videotaped private discussions between offenders being held at the York County Jail and their lawyers. This has to do with records that would show whether there's unlawful eavesdropping on attorney-client telephone call, Schutz said.

In May 2020, The Maine Monitor was the first to report that a legal representative with the Office of the Maine Attorney General heard a recording of a legal representative and accused talking while examining prison telephone call. The Maine Monitor has made over six loads ask for records to Maine's 15 county-run prisons under the state's Freedom of Access Act to better understand the prisons' surveillance of pretrial inmates. York County continuously denied The Maine Monitor's requests made over the previous 14 months to assess prisoner telephone call information. The legal action is a last hotel to make certain the jail exempts lawyer telephone calls from recording and is not listening to blessed discussions, Schutz said.

Maine Monitor reporter Samantha Hogan is an International Women's Media Foundation beneficiary of the Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists.

The York County Commissioners elected all Wednesday to employ Nathan Thayer as prison administrator, efficient Monday, Sept. 6.

Thayer actioned in as acting York County Jail administrator on July 10, taking into account Capt. Maine DOC Commissioner Randall Liberty, who worked alongside Thayer decades ago at the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office, said Thayer notified him a number of weeks ago that he was going after the York County job. Freedom said Thayer would be an excellent fit for the placement.

Thayer, that resides in Yarmouth, will not be required to develop residency in York County, Corliss claimed.

Thayer's hiring comes as the York County Jail and various other correctional facilities throughout the region encounter obstacles relevant to the hiring and retention of adjustments officers. As of last month, York County was allocated to have 72 permanent line COs however currently had just 31 permanent COs on team, excluding managers, Corliss claimed.

The information from the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention covers case numbers from 163 Maine ZIP codes in between May 3 and Sept. 19.

The structure of that is vaccinated has a great deal of influence on where the infection can spread, Shah claimed.

Residents of areas with higher vaccination rates just face less chances to be revealed to someone with the infection, claimed Dr. Noah Nesin, primary clinical officer at Penobscot Community Health Care in Bangor. Nesin stated that fatality rates were much higher in unvaccinated areas across the country. Nesin claimed hesitancy is most likely dissipating as people see the genuine result that the delta variant can have on loved ones or others in their community.

Frenchboro, the ZIP code having Van Buren saw the cheapest rate of new cases, with 7 situations coming through a ZIP code with a population of about 2300.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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