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Last Updated: 19 January 2022

Academic Writer is the only authoritative and comprehensive online environment for teaching, writing, and publishing in APA Style, now updated to the 7th Edition. Academic Writer is a website that provides users with advanced learning and teaching methods, advanced writing and content management software, and complete integration of APA's best-selling Publication Manual to create unparalleled web-based suite of integrated services and tools, aided by sophisticated learning and teaching methods, advanced writing and academic research skills, as well as complete integration of the American Psychological Association's best-selling Publication Manual to help users develop their writing and professional research skills. The online word processing program is very similar to Microsoft Word's. In either case, you'll have to choose the source by checking off the box next to the reference and then selecting the option for Cite to include the in-text citation or Add New Reference to add the citation to the reference list. When you're finished writing, you'll need to export the research paper so that you have a deliverable document in either PDF or MS Word format. There are two versions of the handbook, depending on whether you need an additional section with exercises or not. Loaded Pistols: Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama. This is a general introduction and overview of rhetoric that includes the five parts and three branches of rhetorical studies.

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