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Posted: 28 Mar 2021 16:02

How can we contribute to making the auto industry more sustainable?

Pawena Kaniah
Pawena Kaniah

That is not to say that different industries won't address these issues under their own volition, yet the car business is employing more sustainable practices than ever before. While the automotive industry has a lot of responsibility for its environmental impact, it also has a been responsibility to ensure that the environment does not become plagued by a lack of transparency and accountability on their end. Much investment has been pumped to improve the efficiency of vehicles to reduce emissions and save money.

Yet, there is much that the end customer has no idea what they are getting into, or where they are going with their purchase. The problem is that many people do not know about the benefits of their own contribution to making the automotive industry a sustainable success story. And just like safe drivers can pay a lower premium for their car insurance cover, an eco-friendly driver can also save money. If you are already an eco-conscious driver, you may think that you have done something right already with your auto-related choices. But for those who are still thinking of hopping onto this train, they may be surprised when they realize that the impact that their daily choices as drivers can make in the world.

1. Research hybrid car options. There is one for every budget.

Drivers should take the habit of researching the alternative ways of ecological transportation and try to find options that will not only reduce emissions but also save money. A hybrid car should be equipped with all the features that would help you save money while driving. You can save on fuel and gas if you drive for long distances. There is a misconception that an eco-friendly car is expensive hybrid cars are more expensive than electric vehicles, but it is true that these two types of vehicles have their own range of diverse prices. It's just a matter of finding the one that you can afford and suit your needs.

2. Sell your used car parts to finance your new car.

If you want to buy a new car, then selling your old vehicle is the best option to participate in the circular economy that drives this Sustainability Era. The circular economy is a way of reducing waste and pollution by using renewable energy sources. The process involves recycling materials from existing plants and reusing them for new ones. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste generated by manufacturing cars. You can also sell used vehicles to other companies who are interested in buying them.

3. Secondhand cars can be more eco-friendly.

This even though they run on petrol or diesel and having an old technology. This is because when done in mass, this behaviour tends to offset some manufacturing emissions. It's not just about selling used cars but also thinking about making good use of resources if they are worth using. If you have a car that has been damaged, repaired or replaced then you could donate it to a charity.

4. Make it a habit to keep servicing your car.

Maintain your car with recycled parts. Don’t buy new car models unless the car manufacturer brandishes a recycled parts available guarantee. It is important that as buyers we keep the manufacturers even more accountable. This contributes towards your personal carbon footprint and will make you are much more eco-aware consumer than the rest of your peers. You may also not have a new car but during car maintenance, you can choose to go to the garage or car mechanic that has an ecofriendly car reparations and maintenance process. Servicing your car often means that your emissions levels stay relatively under control.

As you can see, normal drivers, end consumers can make a significant impact towards making the auto industry more eco-friendly. It is indeed a matter of retraining one's driver's and consumer's psyche. The best way to do this is by changing the emissions economy of your vehicle as well as the recyclability quotient of your car. Moreover, servicing your car at the right garages is also a good idea. Regardless, thinking of helping the automotive industry at one’s own personal capacity is a giant leap towards making the industry greener. And who knows, with consumers adopting greener practices when it comes to cars, just like safer drivers, women and cars that drive within state-encouraged hours like the off-peak schemes present in Singapore, greener cars and related practices may be eligible for discount on insurance covers?


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