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Posted: 05 Nov 2020 17:24

How to Make a Career Change in the Era of Coronavirus

Artur Meyster
Artur Meyster

CTO of Career Karma

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, employers increased their requirements. Remote workers became a must-have for organizations, and getting a new job became a whole new challenge. Due to the lockdown, many workers lost their jobs and found themselves in a stressful situation. To solve the issue and move forward, several employees began to learn new skills and change careers. But for others, it was a struggle because they didn’t know what to do.

If you’re wondering how to make a career change or what you need to start a new career during the COVID-19 pandemic, these steps will help you. And as you’ll have the right tools to meet employers’ needs, getting a new job will no longer be a challenge.

Do Some Research to See What Companies Are Looking For

Doing some research is crucial. Since many companies have frozen their operations, you have to look for vacancies in sectors like healthcare or retail. Researching will enable you to see what employers are looking for in their new hirings and what field you should target. Also, you can get a wide range of alternatives and see which ones you are interested in. Put your organizational skills to work and try to plan a new way to approach employers. Keep in mind that they are looking for candidates who seek to innovate the market. Career Karma discusses the organizational skills that would look good on your resume.

Make a List of Your Alternatives

Making a list of your alternatives is the next step. This will allow you to move in the right direction and identify what you have to do to make a successful career change. Make a list of the hard skills and soft skills you need for each job. Prioritize your alternatives and take action. Prioritizing your options will allow you to stay focused during the job search.

Attend Virtual Events and Conduct Informational Interviews

Before making your decision and changing careers, you should attend virtual events. This will allow you to get extra information and meet experts in the field. Also, you’ll make connections that will be key to get hired.

Conducting informational interviews is another good way to identify what each job requires. This step is essential. For that reason, you must conduct as many interviews as you think are necessary. You have to ensure you’ll make the right decision. After all, enjoying what you do is what will allow you to achieve happiness in life.

Set New Goals to Stay on Track

Setting new goals is crucial before making a career change. This will enable you to stay motivated and avoid wasting time. Set short-term goals and long-term goals to be on the right path to true career fulfillment.

Short-term goals are key to identifying when to celebrate and to taking small steps towards achieving long-term goals. Before making your decision, you should have a list of personal and professional goals. They will tell what jobs are likely to meet your expectations. Remember that overwork can have adverse effects on workers’ health, and you need a position that could provide you with something more than a salary.

Learn New Skills and Build a Portfolio

At this point, you should have already made your decision. Given that, you now have to learn the skills you need in order to meet employers’ demands. Getting on-site education can be hard during the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, taking online courses or enrolling in coding bootcamps is an excellent option. If you live in San Francisco, you should enroll in Rithm School’s coding bootcamp.

Rithm School helps students become software engineers in only 16 weeks. Their software engineering course covers in-demand programming languages like Flask, SQL, Python, and JavaScript. To help students launch a rewarding career, Rithm School provides them with two weeks of interview prep. And to get valuable professional experience, the company allows students to contract for organizations in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

If creating graphic designs and interacting with people makes you tick, you should enroll in Thinkful’s online coding bootcamp. Thinkful offers many programs suitable for creative candidates. Their digital marketing course allows students to get equipped with email marketing, SEM, content marketing, and marketing analytics skills that are key to join any marketing team. Thinkful’s digital marketing course is available part-time and full-time. In that case, no matter how busy your schedule is, there will always be time for learning.

Thinkful also offers a UX/UI course to learn visual design, prototyping, and wireframing skills. They are crucial for becoming a web designer and increase your chances of getting a new job. Thinkful’s career support team will provide you with the help you need to land any job in the field. So, making a career change and thrive during the coronavirus pandemic will be possible.

Once you learned the skills you need, you cant start building a portfolio to use during interviews. Today, employers care more about your actual abilities rather than your CV. Of course, your resume is still important since education is the currency of the 21st Century. But, using a portfolio is what will convince employers that you are the right candidate.

Use Digital Platforms to Showcase Yourself

Now that you have everything you need in your toolbox, it’s time to look for a new job. During the job hunt, it’s always a good option to use digital platforms like LinkedIn. They allow you to become more noticeable and have a digital presence. Many employers and hiring managers use LinkedIn to look for potential hirings because it facilitates their job. LinkedIn’s machine learning algorithm allows employers to find the right candidate in less time. This is because the algorithm provides suggestions based on employers’ requirements.


Making a career change is an excellent choice to overcome unemployment in the era of coronavirus. Following these steps will make the road more comfortable and allow you to stand out from the competition.

Keep a positive mindset during the process. This will enable you to be ready for any challenge that might come up. Take advantage of digital platforms because more companies are changing the way they seek new employees. And since the digital transition accelerated its pace, having a digital presence is vital.


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